Graham Roos


Welcome to my new all singing all dancing website. I hope you enjoy it.

The French artist Jean Cocteau wrote “Art is not a pastime but a priesthood”. It reveals the symbols of society and makes the hidden known.

I write, produce and perform my own work, to bring those symbols of our times into the light so we can see their shadows and their shapes, enact their rites and exorcise their power.

I hope you find food for thought on this site and not a little joy.

On this site you can access my publications and CDs, browse selected short films,  listen to my music,  my commercial voice reel for voice  overs, selected radio plays,  read some of my work or download a professional CV.

If you would like to book me for presenting, compering, voice overs or lecturing please go to the Contact page.

I am also introducing a new service of bespoke tutoring in the arts. This is particularly suitable for those who are curious about gaining an all round  grounding in the liberal arts, especially A level students and undergraduates studying Media, English literature, Film making, History of Art, Theatre Studies and Creative Writing. I would also welcome enquiries from mature individuals who would like to increase their knowledge base around the arts, past and present.