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At the launch of his nature cine-poems at
The Not for Sale Gallery - Hackney, London 2023

GRAHAM ROOS is a multi award winning writer and director.


He was born in Sheffield and won an Art Scholarship to Rugby School. His career has spanned the media of art, theatre, film, music, radio, opera and publishing.

Inspired by the work and life of Jean Cocteau, Graham aims to bring the visual arts to text and create four dimensional work that touches upon all the different arts whose source is ONE.

He believes that all art forms are essentially aspects of a unity - which is man's search for his spiritual origins - and his work reflects a life long interest in philosophy and esoterica.

Working mainly in the visual medium of film and text, Graham's work aims to inform and enlighten but he also believes that art has a role to entertain which is often mistaken for lacking depth. 


However as he came to understand when leading the MA in High Comedy at LAMDA - Comedy is a serious business that possesses subtle undertones which work on the edge of conscious understanding.

He has lectured widely, particularly in the fields of creative art such as Drama, music and poetry, blending these three together in several major works.


Graham was appointed the first Creative Artist in Residence at the University of Buckingham and for many years he taught at LAMDA, inviting students into a magical of world where drama and narrative are all powerful.

Graham divides his time between his base in London and his home in The Peak District which has provided so much inspiration for his work.


He is an Ashby Patron at the British School Rome, a member of Equity and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.


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