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The Art of News - Graham Roos, Daniel Evans and Dominic Muldowney at the premiere of Dominic's & Graham's Songs of the Zeitgeist with libretto by Graham - sung by Daniel Evans at King's Place and accompanied by the London Sinfonietta.

Graham has been writing for as long as he can remember, mostly poetry and sometimes straying into lyrics. As a child he won a Platignum Merit Award for one of his short stories.

Since then he has written for stage, film and radio - with The Royal Shoes - his satirical take on Royal celebrations - for Sheffield live Radio.


He has worked with composers at the Royal Opera House in the Opera Genesis Project and with composer Dominic Muldowney - writing lyrics for Songs of The Zeitgeist - commissioned by The Guardian. He has also has written songs with Grammy winning composer Andy Street and Nigel Barker - of This Fuzzbox Voodoo. 


Graham has also performed the Tennyson Strauss Classic - Enoch Arden - a Victorian Melodramatic poem inspired by the Odyssey and set to music for the spoken voice which he first premiered at The British School Rome.


Some of his own poems have been set to music such as the satirical Cosmetically Correct Song and the Dogging Song.

His first book of poems - Rave -was published by Theatre publishers - Oberon Books and his second  Apocalypse Calypso - by the University of Buckingham Press.


He has also released a CD of spoken word -  Quest - collaborating with sessions musicians from The Cure and Right Said Fred and featuring the voices of Samantha Fox, James Dreyfus, Martin Hancock,, Fenella Fielding and Peter Wyngarde.

He is currently working on his first novel - a thriller set in Rome.

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 13.20.32.png

Graham's first book Rave published by Oberon Books - still available online 

Click book to purchase.

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Quest -

Graham 's CD of spoken word

with the voices of 

Martin Hancock, Sam Fox, James Dreyfus, Fenella Fielding and Peter Wyngarde

Click Image to purchase.

Graham's most recent book and the basis for his stage show Apocalypse Calypso.

Click book to purchase

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